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Hi! I'm Paula Dixon, an interior designer.

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Welcome to my design corner!

The world of interior design and all things related to the home.

For those of you that don't know me let me start by saying I am a Jesus-Lovin', wife, momma of two, athlete, and life-long learner. Thats a mouth full! I started my creative journey by being a hair stylist, while I went to college to earn my first bachelor's in business-marketing.

I TOLD YOU, I'M A LIFE-LONG LEARNER. After graduating college, I went to work for a pioneer in the home improvement industry being a project coordinator. I left that job after a couple of years to pursue a creative endeavor of owning one of Houston's first mobile hair salons. I traveled around in a 31' RV that I had renovated to do bridal hair. Whelp driving around Houston, the never-ending construction site was not the best business idea. I spent gobs of time in TRAFFIC! I should have also mentioned I am a busy body. While I had my mobile hair salon, I was also renovating investment properties. That was fun! I liked that. Sooooo, I went back to college to learn about interior design. My husband had his doubts on how I was going to get a bachelors in pillows. Well, that's another blog post but let me give you a tid bit, interior design is WAY more than just fabric and pillows.

An image taken by my photographer friend/running pal, Brian, with my bestie, Beverli, in my mobile hair salon.

And on it goes...

So here I am in college again in my mid-late thirties with two littles at home. I told you I'm a busy body. :) While working on my second bachelors in interior design I began to work at various firms such as McCoy Rockford and Kathy Andrews Interiors until landing at a high-end residential design firm. I spent a couple of years learning from some of Houston's finest until I decided to open my own firm in 2023.


This is where you will find me continuing to learn, exploring the boundaries, and making new friends along the way.

Drop me a line below! Until then stay tuned to discover how I created my branding plan and what it all means. Follow along by Subscribing and following me on social media.

As always don't forget to say HI!

Your interior designer gal pal,

Paula from the block

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Giselle Herd
Giselle Herd
22.08.2023 г.

Hi Paula! You weren’t kidding when you said you are a busy body. I enjoyed your first blog and can’t wait to see more of your journey! 🫶🏼


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