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Business of the Business

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Come behind the scenes to understand all about the business of the business. How did we come up with our branding? Our core values, the logo, and graphic design.

Paula Dixon Design | Behind the scenes of the business

What are our core values? What is the meaning behind our logo? What is our branding?

Paula Dixon Design was created to offer full-service interior design services. We are known for having a keen eye for enhancing spaces with unexpected details while incorporating splashes of fun throughout. This design philosophy allows our firm to interpret the full potential of a space, by applying acute design sensibilities with an intelligent application of key design principals, knowing when to conserve budget, push boundaries, optimize functions and emphasize distinctive styles.

Core values | At the core of our firm is Y O U! For this reason, every core value starts with the letter U.

1. U N I T E D

We are a team of collaborators. We believe interior design should be a collaborative experience where we work with all parties involved to create a complete vision. Each member bringing a level of expertise and experience to the project to offer innovative design solutions.

2. U N E X P E C T E D

We follow this value by curating timeless interiors with unexpected details. This can also be seen in all aspects in our firm from client relations to vendor connections; with an unparallel design experience.

3. U N R E F I N E D

There is a raw beauty in living a life of integrity and being completely honest with everyone we encounter. We allow each unique personality to bring their strengths to the team. We like to follow Kelly Wearstler's guidance on combing unrefined with refined applications to create an intentional outcome.

"Rawness and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum they are two complementary features" – Kelly Wearstler

How did we create our logo?

A logo is a graphic representation of what we want people to feel when they see Paula Dixon Design. We wanted people to feel united to our firm. To know that they can rely on us and trust us to act with integrity in all aspects. By creating the uppercase P interlocking with the D we wanted clients to feel there is professional relationship in all aspects. We are committed to the success and client satisfaction in all of our projects.

Graphic Design Decisions

1. P s y c h o l o g y a n d C o l o r

BLUE | When seen viewers experience feelings of honesty, logic, caring, and being trustworthy from the design firm.

GREEN | This color allows viewers to feel a sense of growth and feelings of being refreshing.

We decided to combine these two colors to create a muted teal to allow our customers to know that we are united in all aspects of the project and will work together to create an enjoyable design experience.

2. F o n t P a i r i n g s

Did you know the same way colors can allow someone to feel certain emotions, fonts can have the same effect? We chose to do a combination of a sans-serif font along with a serif font. This combination allows viewers to feel that our brand image is sophisticated, timeless, and modern with a refreshing edge.


Keeping those three core values is how we started the whole graphic design process of choosing our firm's logo, colors, and font. Want to read the full article on the psychology of color? Click Here. Stay tuned up next, we talk about a POOPY situation- the TOILET. As always to stay up to date on all things Paula Dixon Design don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Until next time! Your interior designer,



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