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Toilet Talk with your gal pal Paula

You guys it has been a minute since I wrote a blog post! I am so sorry. I have been so busy with this company I started and then life. But I am back at it for 2024 and we are talking about an important situation! The TOILET. So let's get started and discuss all things on toilets!!

Some brands for toilets are–TOTO, Kohler, DXV and the list goes on. TOTO is by far one of the best brands for toilets. Why?

Poopy situation? I've got you covered!

Photo taken at Acero Bella, pictured left to right Tracy Wilson, and me (Paula)

Toto is known for offering premium features. Some of their offerings are dual flushing systems, ADA seat heights, and designs that help with cleanliness.

Here is an article that helped me conduct my research with over a decade of experience working in the design field. Are Toto Toilets Good? We Review The Pros And Cons - ToiletSense


#1: What is a dual flushing system?

A dual flushing system offers users a choice to use more or less water. This feature is beneficial when considering a green design choice to help with our finite amount of freshwater worldwide. Some toilets have features where the lever can be pulled in one direction for more flushing and the opposite direction for less. The design can also include buttons or wall-mounted options for floating toilets. Depending on the style these features can be on the top of the toilet as well.

#2: What are the height differences in toilets?

Toilet heights typically vary from 17" from the top of the rim to the finished floor to 19" from the top of the toilet rim to the finished floor.

Depending on your height a taller option may feel more comfortable. I typically specify a taller rim height for people with accessibility concerns.

I am petite so for me a lower rim height feels more comfortable and is easier for younger children to use. When purchasing a new toilet, it is also best to think about who the end users will be and what is the best option for them.

#3: Aspects that help with cleanability

This may sound funny but this is my favorite part about toilets. I do not like cleaning them so I try to select styles that help with this. I have two young boys so I try to think about that as well. I typically specify one-piece toilets. This means that the part where the water is and the part where we sit is all one piece. There is no seam for ease with cleaning situations.

I also prefer to specify toilets that have a skirt at the bottom to help with cleanability. The skirting hides the exposed piping making it easier to clean as well.

The last feature I typically look for is a toilet seat that can be removed with buttons to help with cleaning. These come in soft close as well and are a nice added feature to help with all things clean.


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