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Beverage Center and Waiting Area
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To adequately design and space plan an ADA floor plan for a financial company. The office space is located in an office building with other businesses. No exterior changes can be made to the exterior shell, windows, or entry doors.

Reception and Entry

Reception and Waiting Area

Criteria Matrix



The office space was designed with a ADA requirements and utilized high-end materials such as stone to help implement the design requirements. 

1. Double entry doors each with a 3' openings were used to help with AD requirements including 1'-6" clearance on the push side on either side of the doors.

2. A 5' turning radius is followed throughout the building and 3' doors are used throughout.

3. 4'-6" corridors are implemented for easy wheelchair access and move-ability 

4. Concrete floors are used throughout to help with move-ability.

5. Light fixtures are kept at 80" or above for the visually impaired 

Floor Plan

Bubble Diagram

Mock-Up Floor Plan

Office Floor Plan 01.png
bubble diagram.jpg
Office Floor Plan 3D 02.png

Support Staff Workstations

Support Staff Work Stations

Reception and Waiting Area Rendering


Workstation Specifications 

Workstation Specification 01.png

Construction Documents

Floor Plan 02.png

Furniture Specification

Furniture Image 01.png
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